Building a better future

Transforming the way people manage their assets for greater control and efficiency

What We Do


 We answer your questions, share knowledge and perform research to validate use case for your business. We will be with you from inception to completion

Rapid Prototyping

Create proof of concept by developing custom hardware and software for a minimum viable solution. Test use cases and perform quick iterations according to business requirements

Device Manufacturing

We procure of components from our trusted partners, mass fabricate, perform tests and quality checks to ensure utmost reliability

Intuitive IoT Platform

A user-friendly interface to remotely monitor data, manage all your devices, set thresholds, commands, alarms, notifications all in real time

Actionable Analytics

Apply logical conditions, plug and play algorithms, generate automated reports, and visualize data in multiple ways to extract maximum value from your data

Value Proposition

  • Seemless hardware integration with existing assets
  • Secure networking and data storage
  • Easy to use platform features
  • Scalable and robust architecture to support millions of devices
  • Manage your assets in real time
  • Automation of manual and/or recurring processes
  • Reduced downtime, optimized resource usage and improved efficiency
  • On demand customer support
  • Ease of mind and convenience like never before

About Us

Founded in May of 2017, it started with the idea of making data-driven decisions at all levels, and how this power can be put into everyone's hands. At Nudron, we provide end-to-end internet of things based solutions by developing custom hardware and software for our customers. Our work enables them to remotely manage, control and automate their devices through cutting edge technology. Our current focus is on providing smart metering solutions for public utilities.

We are a dedicated team of enthusiatic engineers from mechanical, electronics, computer science and business domains. Our multi-displinary team gives us inhouse capabilitities to research, adapt and innovate with speed and cost effectiveness. Being a young and dynamic company, working at Nudron offers exponential growth and opportunity to expand and apply your skills in an untapped space to create global products. Scroll below to contact us.

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